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Capture Life In Images

📷【small and practical】 Surfola SF300 action camera weighs only 43 grams and comes with 19 mounting accessories, which greatly broadens the applicable sports scene.

📷【creative action camera】 Surfola action camera provides different filter options. Time-lapse and slow motion can realize your creativity in video.

📷【gift for friends】Surfola action camera is a great choice for giving gifts to family and friends, opening the door for important people to record their lives.

What's in the box?

►Action Camera*1
►40M Waterproof Case*1
►Remote Control*1
►USB cable*1
►Protective door*1
►Black Frame*1
►Flat achesive Pads*2
►Bicycle mount*1
►J-hook Mount*1
►Long thumbscrew*1
►Short thumbscrew*1
►Extension Mount*1
►360°ratating screw*1
►Insurance tether strap*1
►Release Buckles*4
►Wrist strap*2
►Adhesive Pads*2
►Wipe cloth*1
►User Manual*1

The above accessories can be used to install backpacks, bicycles, helmets, chest strap, etc, which can be applied to various sports scenes such as climbing, cycling, swimming, surfing, running, diving, boating, hiking, etc.

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